Martin Miller's

Martin Miller's Winterful Gin 700ml

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Martin Miller's Winterful Gin 700ml

Inspired by ingredients commonly used in home-made mulled wine recipes in England and Iceland, Martin Miller’s Winterful Gin includes cinnamon and mandarin orange peel, added during a third distillation, to the Original blend.

Homage to the best winter traditions in both England and Iceland, this seasonal variant stands out for its warming flavour profile. Ideal for curling up in front of the fireplace on those cold winter evenings, it can be enjoyed both hot and cold.


Intense mandarin flavour with a warm and complex background and notes of cinnamon. The first taste is cinnamon: sweet on the tip of the tongue. After that the spicy and sweet notes from cardamom start to appear. The long aftertaste clearly delivers the mandarin: refreshing citrus balanced with the complexity of the spices.

Alc: 40% 

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