Matsui Distillery

Matsui San-in ex - Bourbon Barrel 700ml


Matsui San-in Bourbon Barrel 700ml

This Matsui San-In blended whisky was created at the Kurayoshi distillery and matured in an ex-bourbon barrel that has imparted a range of sweet, fruity notes onto the lightly spiced spirit.

The San-In Ex-Bourbon Barrel showcases Kurayoshi’s mastery in creating new and distinct flavour profiles. Matsui’s own single malt whisky and single grain whiskies sourced from an undisclosed distillery are aged in white oak ex-bourbon barrels, blended & bottled by Kurayoshi, and proofed with water from Mount Daisen. A familiar, confectionary nose of maple syrup and vanilla meets a round palate of toasted biscuit, pear, orange zest, and lemongrass. Bottled at a higher proof than the standard San-In, the extra bite is tempered by the robust finish provided by the bourbon cask.


Alc: 40%

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