Matsui Distillery

Matsui Tottori Japanese Whisky 700ml Red Box


Matsui Tottori Japanese Whisky 700ml Red Box

Matsui has proven itself to be masterful in blending and ageing whisky with both its Kurayoshi and Tottori collections and is now stepping confidently into the world of whisky distillation with its single malt collection entitled, ‘The Matsui.’

Blending only the best malt and grains, combined with the fresh spring water from the streams of Mount Daisen provides a refreshing finish. Aged for 3 years in toasted oak barrels. 

Bright golden yellow, it has an elegant and balanced nose of ripe fruit, spices and wood. Rich and complex on the palate with floral notes that leave room for more evolved aromas of vanilla and chocolate. Slightly sweet and oaky finish.

Recommended to serve with ice or to make the Highball long drink.

ABV: 43% 

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