Meili Vodka 700ml - Jason Momoa


Meili Vodka 700ml 

Meili is more than Vodka, it’s also more than a celebrity spirit – “the essence of Meili emanates from fire, water, earth, and air. Every element is purveyed with quality and character in mind. The perfection within the process”.

This perfection is noticeable in the quality of the product, pure, clean, premium grain-based vodka. Meili (pronounced MAY-lee) means beautiful, pretty or the loved one and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate name, not only is the packaging beautiful (made from 100% recycled material, no 2 bottles are the same) but the man behind it – Jason Momoa is an absolute specimen too.

Be some of the first in the world to experience just how good vodka can be – enjoy it neat over ice with a squeeze of lime.

ABV: 40%
Region: Montana, USA