Metaxa Honey Shot 700ml - Brandy Liqueur


Metaxa Honey Shot 700ml - Greece

Collected in the Northern Peloponnese, in the area of Egio, at an altitude of 800 meters, and made from the flowers of fir, chestnut, wild apple, hawthorn and wild roses, the honey used in the METAXA Honey Shot is complex, dark and generous, with a slightly smoky edge. The honey has been selected by the Metaxa Master, from the same mountains of Peloponnese, where he sources the May rose petals for his secret bouquet.

The content of real honey in METAXA HONEY SHOT is 0.5%. This “shot” of real honey gives a pleasant nose with a perfect balanced taste between the smoothness of METAXA and honey flavor.


Appearance: сlight amber with golden reflections. Close to METAXA 5 Stars while having a noticeable color difference. Clearly in the family of brown spirits.

Bouquet : Honeycomb, orange blossom, jasmine, dates, apricot

Palate : White raisin, oak, dried fig,  spices

Finish : Sweet, with a final touch of spices and orange peel.

Alc: 30% 

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