Metaxa Private Reserve Brandy 700ml


Metaxa is a Greek brandy made from various grape varieties. The varieties used are the Savatiano from the area of Attica, the Sultanina grape, from Crete and the Black Corinth from sunny southern Greece. From these grapes in Lemnos and Samos muscat one made.

To create this exceptional spirit, Metaxa Master Constantinos Raptis
selects Muscat wines that have aged the most beautifully, having preserved
both the freshness of their youth and the complexity of their maturity, and
blends them with exquisite wine distillates matured in oak casks for
decades in the METAXA cellars.

Brandy Metaxa Private Reserve is the oldest brandy from the metaxa line and also of the highest quality. It has a dark amber color, has a balanced aroma of wine distillate and vanilla, in which we also find inconspicuous tones of cinnamon. Its taste is perfectly rounded and full.

40% Alc./Vol.