Meukow Vanilla Cognac 700ml - France


Meukow Vanilla Cognac 700ml - France

In the 1850s, Auguste-Christophe and Gustave Meukow were sent by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia over to France to source some decent cognac for the royal household. No pressure, Gus, of course. But we know where your family live. Long story short, they made their own, and the brand, while not huge by any means, remains a much-revered producer to this very day. Indeed, Drinks International recently voted Meukow 'Brand of the Year' which, when you consider the Absolutes, etc. of this world, is no small feat. Making a range of traditional cognacs hasn't stopped the kids from keeping it current, and this rather delish VS Vanilla is an exhilarating combo of traditional cognac with a silky vanilla character to the fore. They don’t come much smarter than this, after a hard day watching the ticker tape.

Tasting Note

Eye: Sunset gold. 

Nose: Floral and spicy, bursting with hints of narcissus blossom and liquorice. 

Palate: Vanilla dominates the palate, alongside candied fruits and soft caramel. The powerful finish brings a burst of almond and cinnamon. 

Alc: 30% 

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