Mocambo Art Edition 20yo Rum 700ml


Mocambo Art Edition 20yo Rum 700ml

It is aged for a full 20 years in European oak barrels before being filled into a bottle wrapped in Amati fibres. This fibre is obtained from the bark of the Amati tree using a method that is thousands of years old. Each bottle is unique and a real eye-catcher. The limited bottling stating the barrel and bottle number was designed by the Mexican artist Victor Fernandez Limon. Due to its slightly reddish amber colour, the rum MOCAMBO 20 years enjoys immediate attention even in a glass.

Test Notes
Nose: Reveals delicious aromas of fresh cocoa beans, walnuts and vanilla.

Palate: It is spoiled by marzipan and honey notes. These are accompanied by a pleasant spice of fresh herbs. Its finish is long-lasting, powerful and well-balanced. 


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