Mombasa Club Lemon Gin 700ml


Mombasa Club Lemon Gin 700ml 

A special citrussy version of Mombasa’s gin.

Named after a private members club in Mombasa, which shipped gin from London to its coastal location, via Zanzibar.

The original gin includes botanicals of angelica root, coriander seeds, cassia bark and juniper, and is four times distilled by Thames Distillers in London. This version has infused this standard bottling with top notch Mediterranean lemons.

The final result is a rich, full bodied gin with notes of lemon peel, sweet grapefruit, coriander spice, and herbaceous juniper.

Presented in a yellow-accented bottle which highlights its citrusy character, this gin is perfect for mixing into G&Ts on a hot day.


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