Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum 700ml

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Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum 700ml

For a person who loves great rum, a personalised bottle of Mount Gay Black Barrel is certain to make a great gift. This bottle comes laser-engraved with a personalised message that you will compose a meaning that it will make a treasured keepsake for years after the last drop of rum has been drained

Mount Gay Black Barrel is distilled in small batches using a special double-pot, single-column process. The blended rum is distilled twice: first prior to blending, and then again afterwards in specially-constructed bourbon oak barrels. This process helps to bring out a new depth of distinctly spicy and sweet flavours.

The black barrel blend is among the most prestigious that Mount Gay have to offer and with the help of our custom laser-engraving process, t will be all the more so. So what are you waiting for ?


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