Nemiroff Birch special Vodka 700ml

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Nemiroff Birch special Vodka 700ml

Slightly astringent, a bit tart introduction. Thin, subtle flavour of pomegranate peel complements soft and light but, at the same time, full and harmonious taste. The strength of alcohol leaves a gentle aftertaste of pomegranate berry, squashed in the mouth. Lex Ultra is a soft but harmonious drink with status

ABV: 40%


- Diploma "For the excellent quality" at "PRODEXPO-2008";
- Gold at the exhibition "PRODEXPO-2005";
- Gold at the 2007 contest "Laur Konsumenta";
- Gold in 2009 on "The Vodka Masters";
- Silver at the 2006 "INTERNATIONAL SPIRITS AWARD". 


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