Nemiroff Vodka Gift Set 5x100ml

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Nemiroff Vodka Gift Set 5x100ml 

Nemiroff Spicy Strawberry 100ml
A bright fruity aroma is accompanied by a fresh savoury note, giving it a special piquancy. The taste captivates with unexpected spiciness and warms with light and sweet strawberry notes, leaving a pleasant warm aftertaste.

Nemiroff  Delikat 100ml
made ​​by skilled craftsmen of the company Nemiroff. For its production using pure artesian water and high-quality spirit "Lux", softened ginger. The filtration system of birch charcoal, coconut and fruit seeds yielded a perfectly soft, delicate flavour.

Nemiroff Original 100ml
Nemiroff original has a clear appearance. Clean aromas of minerals, bread, and whipped cream with a silky, glycerous medium to full body and a long, creamy powdered sugar, pepper, and wet stone finish. A smooth, balanced vodka for martinis.

Nemiroff  Cranberry 100ml
Sweet taste with generous notes of cognac and a pleasant cranberry tartness. Liquor sounds sweet aromas of cranberry anthrax.

Nemiroff Honey Pepper 100ml
Honey and caramel and heart-balsamic aroma are accompanied by light fruity and playful spicy peppery notes. This drink is rich and varied: abrupt herbal taste is warmed by burning-sweet waves and leaves a pleasant, slightly bitter aftertaste warmness.

Alc: 40%

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