Opal Nera Sambuca Black 500ml

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Opal Nera Sambuca Black 500ml

Opal Nera is a premium black Sambuca liqueur made from all natural ingredients including – star anise, green anise elderberries, and rare varieties of lemon and water drawn from a local water source created by Leonardo da Vinci.

Opal Nera Sambuca gets its liquorice-black colouring from the skins of the elderberry plant’s black berries – a plant which grows wild throughout Italy.


Not surprisingly, Opal Nera Black Sambuca’s taste is strong on anise and lemon on your palette, and it has a very balanced, smooth finish. The Black Sambuca tastes like sweet liquorice and black fruits. 


Sambuca is a versatile liqueur in that it can be swigged as a shot, mixed in with cranberry juice or lemonade, or put in a cocktail, such as a liquorice cocktail or Samson cocktail.

It’s also common to have Sambuca on the rocks or just with water, as this spirit is noted for its clear-cut flavour and aroma.

Alc: 30%

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