Opthimus 18 YO Rum 700ml


Opthimus 18 YO Rum 38% 700ml

With its opulent and elegant texture, the Opthimus from Oliver & Oliver easily plays in the upper league of exquisite rums. It matured in former bourbon barrels for 18 years using the Solera process. 

Colour: red gold amber

Nose: pleasantly floating scents of caramel, bourbon vanilla and bananas roasted over oak.

Palate: full-bodied and soft, creamy vanilla, honey and shortbread dipped in chocolate, with a gentle nuance of freshly roasted coffee.

Finish: creamy-soft finish with caramel-spicy notes.

Interesting facts
The company Oliver & Oliver, has existed since the middle of the 19th century. 
It wasn't until 1990 that the business experienced its renaissance in the Dominican Republic, with rum recipes that were rediscovered after extensive research into the family history.