Ostler Waitaki Valley Pinot Noir 2018 750ML


Ostler Waitaki Valley Pinot Noir 2018 750ML

In the cellar, we were kind of spoilt for choice in 2018. It was a classic big berry year meaning we could do a little whole bunch fermentation on some well set Able clone Pinot. The skins were a little delicate on these big berries so we deliberately went easy on the pigeage, extracting what we assessed was the right degree for the ripeness and concentration for each batch. We employed both open and closed fermentation which gave us a range of tools to use, a bit like making coffee with both an espresso machine & a French press. Same beans different results. In this case, we matched the technique to each vineyard, open-topped for the sloping blocks like Doctors Creek and for the smaller berried clones like 667 and closed top for the flat sites like Shines and bigger berries such as UCD5 and Able.

Tasting Notes
This is a wine that expresses the wider terroirs of the Waitaki Valley from the crunchy, sappy tannins of the limestone escarpments above Duntroon to the juicy primary fruit notes of the alluvial soils of the valley floor, reinforced by the solid dark fruit core of the sun-drenched clay slopes of Otekaieke. The colour is a bright ruby-garnet. It shows distinctive regional Waitaki Pinot Noir aromatics of exotic spicy oak, coffee, red liquorice & layers of satsuma plum, cranberry & cherry fruit underneath. In the mouth the wine is medium-bodied but high in flavour with more of those red plum, cherry & cranberry fruit filling the mid-palate. Tannins are soft & yielding while also giving the wine a savoury edge giving and instant drinking appeal.

ABV: 13.7%


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