Pampero Aniversario Rum 700ml


Pampero Aniversario Rum 700ml

As well as being the spiritual home to the famous rum-based medicinal bitters, Venezuela makes some seriously good barrel-aged golden and dark rums. Pampero Aniversario was first crafted in 1963 to commemorate the company’s 25th anniversary. Triple distilled via a continuous still, the blend is composed of four-year-old rums aged in both whisky and sherry barrels. If it sounds young by world standards, keep in mind spirits mature roughly three times faster in the Amazonian climate than in regions like Scotland or France.


Tasting note: Fabulous deep copper colour. Stunning rum aromatics feature a superb medley of praline, milk chocolate, dates, honeycomb and raw sugar. Follows through with a graceful, silky delivery with flavours of dates, honey and vanilla custard and a warming, spicy, new leather, pipe tobacco and honeycomb aftertaste. A gorgeous middleweight style showcasing pitch-perfect sweet/dry balance.

ABV: 40%


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