Paxton Now Shiraz 2021 750ML


Paxton Now Shiraz 2021 750ML

The consumer market demand has been growing steadily for No Added Preservative and Natural wines. As leaders in organic production, it was obvious that Paxton needed a product for this category. In addition to Natural & Organic, we wanted to make a young, drink NOW style of Shiraz that was different from our existing Shiraz styles.


COLOUR: Vibrant purple with pink hues. AROMA: A surprisingly complex flavour explosion of earthy ironstone and cold-smoked chacuterie layered on undertones of plump raspberries. As the wine has more time in the glass blueberries and bubblegum come to the surface balanced by subtle flints of fresh marjoram.

PALATE: Medium bodied, juicy, easy, drink “NOW’ style of wine. Reminiscent of swimming in natural hot springs on a fresh autumn morning, the comforting feel of warm water washing over your skin. The ferrous character comes through on the palate leading into slightly gravelly tannins offset by a delicate acidity lengthening the palate to a smooth finish.


ABV: 14%

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