Penfolds Club Tawny Old Oak 750ml


Penfolds Club Tawny Old Oak 750ml

A wine that generations of Australians have grown up with - the Penfolds Club Tawny has been instrumental in shaping what is known today as Penfolds 'Home Style'. Club Tawny today is crafted as a multi-varietal, multi-vintage blend, encompassing the Penfolds winemaking philosophy.

Nose: Fresh caramel nutty aromas with a distinctive aniseed lift from the spirit, combined with ripe plum fruits.

Palate: Soft and mellow. Sweet plum currant flavours align with the fine spirit and balanced acidity, creating freshness and length of flavour. A touch of wood-aged nuttiness adds interest without inducing 'inappropriate' complexities for this approachable fresh style.

Alc: 18%

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