Pikes Eastside Shiraz 750ml 2019 750ML

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Pikes Eastside Shiraz 750ml 2019 750ML

Pikes is a family-based winery founded in 1984 by Neil and Andrew Pike, and since 1986, has been producing wine, beer and aerated waters. The building is made of steel and stone and is located at Polish Hill River in Clare Valley. Between 1984-and 2003, 75 ha of vineyards were planted. The soils have red-brown earth over the clay, with broken bluestone sub-soil. Whilst the winters are cool and wet and the summers are warm and dry, the growing season has low rainfall and low humidity which makes the vineyard a low risk for pests and disease. The whole vineyard is fitted with an inline drip irrigation system, but irrigation is only applied when necessary.

Shiraz can be a real charmer in the Clare Valley. The fruit flavours get ripe without being heavy. Pikes Shiraz shows this quality with ripe dark fruits, hints of chocolate and licorice and some spice from the oak. There is balance and earthy charm and the palate is soft with a backbone of dusty tannins. The colour is deep and dark, the aroma is filled with black fruits and aniseed. It's full-bodied, deep and concentrated, but at the same time it's youthfully bold and primary. A classic big Clare red, with ample tannin and length.

ABV: 14%

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