Pravda Caramel Flavoured Vodka 700ml


Pravda Caramel Flavoured Vodka 700ml

This luxury Polish vodka is now available in Australia in a delicious 'flavoured' variant. Brown sugar is gently caramelized, and added to give this its delectable taste.

Dating back to 1743, Pravda has been produced in the heart of the world renowned vodka area of Southern Poland, located in the pristine Carpathian mountain district of Bielskobiala. The spirit is made in small batches to a unique five step distillation process under the strict guidance of sixth generation master distiller, Aleksandra Kulak. Encompassing the best of each element of production, the ingredients found in Bielsko-Biala are amongst the finest in the world, with the Carpathian mountains being a source of the purest spring water combined with the regions fields of sweet, late harvest rye - untreated and natural, giving a softer, mellower taste.

Alc: 37.5% 

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