Pronol Limoncello 30% 700ml

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Limoncello is a traditional Italian liqueur, known and loved by fruit liqueur enthusiasts around the world. Pronol uses the best Sicilian lemons, perfectly cooked by the scorching sun of Italy, to create this intensely fragrant Limoncello, fresh as the Mediterranean breeze. After harvesting, the lemons are peeled by hand and the peels are infused in alcohol until all the flavors are extracted. Then, the liqueur obtained is mixed with grappa, sugar and water and thus Pronol Limoncello is born - an irresistible liqueur that can be enjoyed dry or with ice, but also in summer cocktails. 

Tasting notes: 

Smell: Intense bouquet, dominated by the scent of well-ripened lemons

Taste: Juicy aroma, which brings sweet-sour touches of raw lemon

Finish: Citric

Color: Lemon yellow

Alc: 30%