Ratu Dark Rum 5yo 700ML


Ratu Dark Rum 5yo 700ML

GOLD MEDAL - 2016 The Rum Masters

GOLD MEDAL - 2015 San Francisco -World Spirits Competition

This Ratu 5-year-old premium dark rum is made in Fiji and aged in charred oak barrels then filtered through coconut shell carbon with a smooth oak flavor.

The Fijian water is renowned as some of the world’s purest while using sugar cane which is grown in ancient volcanic soil and warm Fijian climate, then expertly hand-cut by thousands of Fijian farmers. This rum is filtered through coconut shell charcoal to help capture the pure taste of Fiji and then matured in specially selected oak vats and barrels in a time-honored tradition. The end result is a deliciously smooth, distinctively clean tasting, award-winning rum from the paradise of the earth (Fiji).

NOSE: Carries a savoury, smoky oak aroma.

PALATE: Rich sweetness lingers on the tongue with dashes of caramel, vanilla & tea leaves.

 Alc: 40%

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