Redbreast 21YO Single Pot Still Whiskey 700ml


Redbreast 21YO Single Pot Still Whiskey 700ml

97 points- Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2020

Redbreast 21 year old is the finest representation of the signature Redbreast sherry style. It is the oldest and richest expression of the Redbreast style ever produced, and the 21 year ageing process introduces new levels of depth, flavour and taste to create an inherently complex and ultimately, rewarding whiskey.

“Funky, lemon and white equatorial fruits on the nose. Toffee, coconut, burnt sugar. Wonderfully untidy. Full of character. A fruity animal of a nose. Nice sweet and hot finish. Has a very tropical feel to it. Enormous character. Really good and capable of getting even better.”

“Amongst the world’s truly great whiskeys and near blueprint for the perfect Pot Still Irish Whiskey” 96/100 points (Jim Murray, The Whisky Bible 2017)

Alc: 46%

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