Remy Martin

Remy Martin Louis XIII Crystal Glass Single Set


Remy Martin Louis XIII Crystal Glass

These are completely handblown and handcut, the shape was created exclusively by renowned designer by Christophe Pillet for Remy Martin 's ultra high-end flagship Cognac Louis XIII.

Thay are hand manufactured (like the Louis XIII decanters/bottles) by Baccarat and Saint Louis - the two most prestigious French manufacturers of traditionally handmade crystal.
The Fleurs de Lys symbol that is also present on all Louis XIII packaging, the crystal decanters and stoppers etc. is hand pressed onto the bowl of the glass.
The stem morphs into the bowl with beautifully shaped facets that beautifully reflect the shades of the Cognac inside the crystal.

These specially designed crystal glasses are not only perfect to enjoy fine Cognac from, but also other spirits.

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