Ron La Progresiva de Vigia 13 Rum 700ml


 Ron La Progresiva de Vigia 13 Rum 700ml

Ron La Progresiva de Vigia 13 is an excellent and unique Cuban Blended rum, which is created according to the tradition of Vigia Bodega. They have been innovating and improving their production processes for 60 years.

It is a blend of the best Cuban island rums, designed by rum masters from Bodega Vigias. Enjoy this elegant dry rum with a slice of orange and a cube of ice, or at room temperature in a balloon cup. Suitable for cocktails or long drinks such as Negroni, Hemingway Daiquiri, and Cuba Libre.


Colour: Amber with orange highlights
Aroma: fresh, citrus, cinnamon, spices, caramel, oak, honey
Taste: dry, citrus, herbs, cinnamon, wood, molasses, raisins, ginger
Finish: Long, caramel, cinnamon, sugar cane, jam, spices

Alc: 41%

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