Rouhe 7 Star 450ml 53%


Rouhe 7 Star 450ml 53%

Rouhe Shuanggou series includes three types: soft gold, soft silver and soft red. The products use gold, silver and red as the main colours, highlighting the splendour of gold, the low-key of silver and the splendour of red. The perfect combination of three colours makes the noble and restrained quality of soft Shuanggou vividly displayed.

The crystal clear bottle body, round and elegant bottle cap, and harmonious and ingenious colour matching make every design of Rouhe Shuanggou show the concept of softness, while the richness of gold, the stability and luxury of silver, and the lively and festive red is more beautiful. It touches the bottom of my heart but looks gentle and peaceful.

Rouhe Shuanggou does not cause dry mouth or headache after drinking. It is a "product that can be drunk twice a day", and Rourou Shuanggou can be drunk with confidence.


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