Royal Salute 25yo Scottish Blend 700ml

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Royal Salute 25yo Scottish Blend 700ml

The ‘King of Whisky’, Royal Salute has unveiled the latest addition to its permanent range, a new 25 Year Old Scotch whisky.

The first 25-Year-Old expression in the Royal Salute portfolio, The Treasured Blend has been created by Master Blender Sandy Hyslop and has been inspired by the Crown Jewels of England, bringing together precious and powerful whiskies first laid down a quarter of a century ago, today fit for modern royalty.

The Treasured Blend imparts a decadent sweetness with hints of spices and notes of stewed fruit, treacle, toffee and dark chocolate that culminate in an exceptionally long, dry and slightly spicy finish.

Alc: 40%


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