Sanran Daiginjo 燦爛 大吟醸 720ml


Sanran Daiginjo 燦爛  大吟醸 720ml

Awarded in 2020
Tochigi Prefectural Sake Appraisal Prefectural Governor's Award [1st place]
Kanto Shinetsu National Tax Bureau Liquor Appraisal Excellence Award
US Sake Appraisal GOLD
International Wine Challenge COMMENDED

The raw material is Yamada Nishiki from Hyogo prefecture, which is the highest peak of sake rice, and is luxuriously polished to 38%. The fruity aroma reminiscent of fruits is unique to Daiginjo. The mouthfeel is smooth, mellow and soft. The aftertaste is sharp and easy to drink, while feeling the umami and sweetness of rice.

It is recommended to combine it with a light-tasting snack that does not have a strong taste. Pairing with strawberries is the best, like cheese, sashimi of white fish, and dessert.

Alc: 18%

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