Sartori Prosecco Brut NV 750ML


Sartori Prosecco Brut NV 750ML

To Juliet’s question 'what’s in a name?' the Sartori family would answer 'everything!' as for over a century, Sartori has stood for traditional values elevated by innovation and a dedication to quality. A flute of this is sweeter than even the kiss of two star-crossed lovers. So raise a glass to romance with us with this heavenly Prosecco!

Straw yellow in colour with light-green hues in the glass, whilst boasting a delicate fruit bouquet, reminiscent of wild apples and acacia flowers. The palate is dry, with subtle fruit and nut flavours.

100% Prosecco Sourced from the calcareous clay, alluvial soils of Veneto, a province of the Treviso region in Italy saw soft pressing of grapes harvested around the middle of September, the controlled temperature during fermentation. The base wines undergo a second fermentation in a sealed vat according to the Charmat method in order to retain freshness and primary characteristics.

Alc: 11%

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