Scapegrace Classic Silver Dry Gin 50ml Minis


 Scapegrace Classic Silver Dry Gin 50ml

The award winning Gin sources the best ingredients from around the globe. The true magic in Scapegrace is in the way we blend the botanicals, the way we balance and combine them. The botanicals are macerated in a pure wheat based neutral grain spirit, distilled in a John Dore copper pot still and brought back to earth with glacial waters from the Southern Alps. This provides a modern fresh, elegant, citrus leading dry gin fashioned for todays modern consumer.

SMELLS: Classic juniper, in an instant. Subtle floral hints of lavender & orange blossom follow close by. Deeper earthy tones of cinnamon bark & nutmeg arrive next, but be prepared for a fresh burst of multiple citrus to linger longer.
TASTES: Full frontal assault to the palate, a juniper & orange zest mixture. Closely followed by sweet lemon, taking over your entire palate. Minimum heat, minimum burn. Frontal palate flavours dominate, with small floral notes on the back palate. Jasmine and lavender, quite delicious.

FINISH: A warming numbness with continued juniper. Surprisingly long finish, coming back with waves of orange & mixed floral notes. Dry Gin, at its prime.

Alc: 42.2% 

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