Scapegrace Fortuna VI Single Malt 700ml - Black White Block


Scapegrace Fortuna VI Single Malt 700ml - Black White Box 

New Zealand's Scapegrace distillery, founded in 2014, has always been committed to producing whiskies. Located in the mountainous landscape of Lake Dunstan, it is crossed directly by the 45th parallel (halfway between the equator and the South Pole), providing it with extreme hot and cold temperatures throughout the year, the perfect environment for aging whisky.
The narrative of each limited edition tells the Scapegrace story both poetically and visually. Fortitude, the fifth in the range, is made from Laureate malted barley and aged in virgin French casks. A traditionally distilled whisky, matured by the felicitous seasons of a fortuitous terrain in a halcyon landscape.


Nose : Initial pastry notes of butter cookie, honey and roasted chestnuts are energized by fresher notes of green apple and rhubarb.

Palate : A supple texture, enveloping the palate in salted butter caramel and roasted nuts, with livelier notes of spice (white pepper, cinnamon) on the finish.

Overall : Long, while intense spice remaining through and through.

Alc: 46%

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