Shankys Whip Black Irish Whiskey Liqueur 700ml


Shankys Whip Black Irish Whiskey Liqueur  700ml

Shanky’s Whip Irish Whiskey Liqueur is a 700ml bottle of Irish whiskey-flavoured liqueur. It is a sweet and creamy liqueur with a smooth, velvety texture.

Tasting Notes
Sweet and creamy with a smooth Irish whiskey flavour
Notes of caramel, vanilla, and Irish whiskey

Velvety texture with a smooth and easy finish

Food Pairings
It can be enjoyed on its own as a shot or mixed with other ingredients to create cocktails.
Can be paired with desserts, such as Irish cream pie or Irish cream ice cream.
Can also be used as a topping for coffee or in baking recipes.

Alc: 33% 

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