Los Siete Misterios Ensamble Espadin/Cuishe 700ml - Mezcal


Los Siete Misterios Ensamble Espadin/Cuishe 700ml

Working feverishly in the liquor industry in Mexico City gave Julio and Eduardo Mestre an entrepreneurial vision that they would never turn back on. They knew there were so many amazing palenques and mezcals in Mexico that were unable to enter the global market with their brand. They also knew there were some very accomplished brands that didn’t seem to understand the first thing about harkening back to the traditions and craftsmanship of quality mezcal.

Los Siete Misterios (The Seven Mysteries) was designed to strive for the best of both worlds. An un-relentless search for quality spirit, combined with a ubiquitous, focused vision has given rise to one of the fastest growing international mezcal brands. The educational and alluring packaging of this truly terroir spirit has engaged every level of consumer, be it a beginner to the aficionado. By separating varietals, distilling methods, vintages and batches, Los Siete Misterios has an offering for every cocktail, occasion or even hour. It’s a line-up of incredibly high-quality mezcals that are dedicated to honoring the agrarian culture of Mexico while setting the standard for how mezcal should be purveyed going forward.

This new Mezcal from Mezcal Los Siete Misterios is made from a blend of Espadin and Cuishe agave.

Alc: 44%

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