Speyburn 16YO Speydie Single Malt 1L

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Speyburn 16YO Speydie Single Malt 1L

Matured for sixteen years exclusively in American oak ex-bourbon barrels and bottled only for Travel Retail; the resulting dram is bursting with notes of zesty fruit and creamy vanilla. Sweet pears and tropical pineapple give way to hints of white chocolate and honey; all wrapped together with a gentle spiciness.

Available exclusively for the Global Traveller.

Tasting Notes 

Nose:  Brimming with fruit flavours, accompanied by creamy vanilla and toffee notes, with a touch of liquorice.
Palate: Medium-bodied with hints of vanilla, honey and chocolate. The sweet finish is long-lasting with a hint of oaky spice.

ABV: 43%


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