Spirited Union

Spirited Union Organic Coconut Rum 700ML


Spirited Union Organic Coconut Rum 700ML

To evolve the tropical flavours in our Belizean rum, we’ve united it with sundried organic coconut flakes. They are toasted to create a slightly nutty sweet and creamy flavour. For a rich texture and well-rounded mouthfeel, we’ve diluted our rum with organic coconut water down to the perfect mixing strength

When coconut is toasted it takes a deeper flavour, woodier with a hint of vanilla. Its why we added a touch of Madagascan vanilla to create harmony between these delicious flavours. To add a burst of nuttiness we’ve infused raw Peruvian cacao into our rum. Its unprocessed flavours create a lovely complex finish.

Tropical notes of coconut followed by indulging nutty and vanilla flavours for a rich and smooth finish. Drink organic coconut rum with lemonade, craft kola or mixed in one of your favourite rum cocktails.

Alc: 38%

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