Spirited Union Pink Grapefruit & Rose Rum 700ML

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Spirited Union Pink Grapefruit & Rose Rum 700ML

Swazi Rum united with fresh pink grapefruit, blood orange, rose petals & Elderflower blossom.

To match the refreshing floral taste of our Swazi rum we’ve distilled the skin of blush-pink grapefruits for its pleasingly semi-sweet taste. To balance out its slightly sweet character we’ve infused blood orange for a bitter, sweet sour taste.

For an intense floral aroma we’ve vapour infused our rum with a fragrant garden rose. These lush, round, open and highly fragrant petals work perfectly with the honey scented elderflower blossom. Their sweet and tangy aromas create the perfect union of citrus and blossom.

Taste Note

Refreshing taste of blush-pink grapefruits, followed by a fragrant elderflower & rose finish.

Perfect Serve

Drink Pink Grapefruit & Rose rum with tonic, soda or mixed in one of your favorite rum cocktails.


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