Spirited Union

Spirited Union Pink Grapefruit & Rose Rum 700ML


Spirited Union Pink Grapefruit & Rose Rum 700ML

Swazi Rum united with fresh pink grapefruit, blood orange, rose petals & Elderflower blossom. To match the refreshing floral taste of our Swazi rum we’ve distilled the skin of blush-pink grapefruits for its pleasingly semi-sweet taste. To balance out its slightly sweet character we’ve infused blood orange for a bitter, sweet sour taste.

Their sweet and tangy aromas create the perfect union of citrus and blossom. Refreshing taste of blush-pink grapefruits, followed by a fragrant elderflower & rose finish. Drink Pink Grapefruit & Rose rum with tonic, soda or mixed in one of your favorite rum cocktails.


Alc: 38%

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