Spy Valley

Spy Valley Marlborough Pinot Gris 2020/2022 750ml


Spy Valley Marlborough Pinot Gris 2020/2022 750ml


Aroma - Alluring aromas of red apple and spiced cloves. 
Palate - Full-bodied with flavours of dried pears and melon. The concentration of fruit shows through with a supple underlying structure that leaves the wine fresh and vibrant on the finish.


Gently pressed and fermented in a mix of older oak and stainless steel.

Vintage notes

A warm spring with higher than average rainfall led to early flowering. Low summer rainfall and cooler temperatures allowed the fruit to develop with perfect flavour maturity.


Johnson Vineyard - Alluvial stony silt loams, very well drained.

Outpost Vineyard - Variable depth windblown clay/loess over clay-bound glacial gravel. Direct north facing aspect, on moderately steep hillside slope.

Alc: 14%

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