Starward Octave Barrels Whisky 700ml


Starward Octave Barrels Whisky 700ml

A single malt shaped by an icon of Australian red wine. Starward Octave Barrels is a new distinctly Australian whisky that celebrates the very best of Australian red wine and whisky craftmanship. When a whisky speaks to Australia’s wine heritage and progressive Australian whisky craft, you know it will be special. Bringing the bold flavour from Yalumba’s old-vine Shiraz, Starward Octave Barrels is an intense, deliciously different whisky.

This special Starward Projects release has been aged in Yalumba’s The Octavius Shiraz 100L octave-sized barrels. Maturing in these hand-coopered vessels has led to intense interaction between wood and whisky. The elegant flavours of this distinctive Barossa old vine shiraz have left their mark. It’s a full-bodied and plump expression.


Colour: Auburn
Aroma: Rich, full-bodied expression. Red fruit, raisins, ripe peach, caramel and toasty oak
Palate: Viscous and long, dark forest fruits, and a toasted oak backbone
Finish: Toasted marshmallow on the finish

ABV: 48% 

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