Tanqueray Lovage Gin 1L


Tanqueray Lovage Gin 1L 

Tanqueray Lovage is a London Dry based on Charles Tanqueray's original 1839 formula. Juniper berries come up against harsh nuances with spicy accents, which is clearly due to the lovage. In addition, floral notes can be heard time and again, rounding off the character of the gin in a harmonious way. As this spicy gin has a relatively high alcohol content, it goes wonderfully well with a sparkling tonic water.

With Tanqueray Lovage, the long-established brand once again demonstrates how well it understands gin production. In addition to the usual Botaniclas, this Taqueray uses lovage, a spicy herb that gives the gin a very special touch. Look forward to a delicious creation, which convinces with perfectly coordinated flavours from the English plant world.

ABV: 47.3%

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