Taylors Estate

Taylors Estate Pinot Noir Rose 2022 750ML


Taylors Estate Label Pinot Noir Rosé 750ML

This wine is crafted in the classic style with fresh, crisp acidity and a delicate palate showcasing varietal flavours of strawberry and red berry fruits. The perfect accompaniment to lighter dishes and a sunny day.

Colour: At release, the wine is a vibrant salmon pink colour.

Nose: The wine has lifted, fruit aromas of fresh strawberry and raspberry with hints of ripe watermelon & faint musk. Floral aromas of rose petals and carnation complete the pretty picture.

Palate: This wine is medium-bodied with fresh and delicate flavours of strawberry and raspberry fruit balanced with hints of the mineral talc. The wine has an enjoyable soft textured mid-palate with enough lively acid to keep it refreshing and the finish is dry.


ABV: 12.5%


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