Taylor's Port

Taylors Fine White Port 750ml


Taylors Fine White Port 750ml

Taylor’s Fine White Port is a blend of wines produced from white grapes grown mainly on the Upper slopes of the Douro Valley.  The grapes used include the Arinto, Boal (Semillon), Codega, Esgana Cão, Folgasão, Gouveio, Viosinho and Rabigato varieties. The individual wines are aged in oak vats for about three years, where they acquire mellowness and character.  They are blended to produce a rich white port in the traditional smooth, full-bodied style.

Tasting Notes

Rich, fragrant nose with aromas of mellow fruit and hints of honey and oak. Full body; velvety palate and long flavoursome finish.

Alc: 20%

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