Te Hana

Te Hana Reserve Cuvee 750ml


Te Hana Reserve Cuvee 750ml

Te Hana Reserve Cuvee is an artful blend of superb grapes, each contributing to the wine's unique and alluring character. The moment you uncork the bottle, your senses are greeted by a bouquet of aromatic notes - crisp green apples, tangy grapefruit, and sweet strawberries, painting a picture of a summertime orchard in full bloom.

On tasting, the Te Hana Reserve Cuvee is a delightful dance of flavours, with the fruity notes playing off against the toasty undertones. Its crisp acidity keeps the wine refreshingly light and allows the myriad of flavours to truly shine through. The finish is satisfyingly long, leaving a delicate hint of fruit and toastiness on the palate.

Alc: 12.5%

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