Teeling Amber Ale Irish Whisky 700ml


Teeling Small Batch Amber Ale 700ml

Teeling Small Batch Amber Ale Finish is an innovative experiment for the Irish distillery Teeling, with the whiskey passing the final part of its aging in barrels that have previously contained Amber Ale beer. The Irish brewing tradition is centuries old, as is the distillation which - even - seems to have appeared earlier in Ireland than in Scotland: but don't tell a Scotsman!

The Teeling distillery, however, appears only in 2015 and immediately moves towards a non-standardized production but always careful to create new and innovative products, following unprecedented paths such as experimentation with beer barrels. The proximity to the most flourishing production area of Dublin is certainly a help with regard to the raw material, whether it is high quality barley or beer barrels: the triple distillation characteristic of Irish whiskey goes perfectly with the delicate notes of the beers used , allowing aficionados from all over the world to get an idea of Irish whiskey with a twist.

Dense and herbaceous with strong notes of anise and Scots pine, lemon and yellow fruit, dried fruit and spices, aged in oak barrels that contained Amber Ale beer. An absolutely unique product.

ABV: 46%

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