The Gauldrons #4 Douglas Laing 700ml


The Gauldrons #4 Douglas Laing 700ml

The Gauldrons Blended Malt is a blended malt whisky made by independent bottler, Douglas Laing & Co. featuring Campbeltown single malts. The Gauldrons, meaning "bay of storms" is a bay facing the Atlantic Ocean on the west coast of Scotland. The bottle features a compass and a spider with her web. Legend has it that Robert the Bruce (1274-1329) was inspired to try, try, and try again to free Scotland from English rule after witnessing a spider fail and reattempt to weave her web numerous times. Finally, she succeeded on the seventh attempt inspiring him along the way.


"Starting off on malty notes with a waxy layer, batch 4 of The Gauldrons seems to be less sweet than the first batch. The palate is oily and displays soft spices and a faint touch of diesel, but also honeycomb and citrus. This is a lovely representation of that unique Campbeltown DNA."

Alc: 46.2% 

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