Macallan Classic Cut 2022 700ml


The Macallan Classic Cut Scotch Whisky 2022 700ml

Matured in a unique combination of casks with two distinctive wood types, this special single malt exudes flavours of both European and American oak, married together to create a unique tasting experience.
With a distinct grapefruit flavour, this whisky emphasises a wide range and complexity of flavours. The two wood types complement and balance together beautifully and offer an experiential journey through flavour, aroma, colour and texture.

COLOUR: Golden Butterscotch.
NOSE: Fresh fruit medley of grapefruit, peach, apple and orange with vanilla sponge, oak, light spice, fruit blossom and almonds.
PALATE: Fresh fruit, caramel, a wisp of chocolate, lemon sponge, nuts, oak and light spice

FINISH: Sweet and creamy with warming spice.

Alc: 52.5%

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