Tincup American Whisky 750ml


Tincup American Whisky 750ml 

Inspired by the mountains, Tincup® is an American whiskey with a bourbon-style profile and a rye spice. Tincup® American Whiskey uses a mash bill of 64% corn, 4% malt barley, and 32% rye. It is a blend of four and five-year-old whiskeys, aged in new American White Oak barrels. The result is a bold and spicy American whiskey that is best savored slowly.

Colour: Pale amber colour
Nose: Aromas of toffee, spicy rye bread, anise, oak shavings and new leather, with notes of toasted nut, vanilla and sweet corn
Palate: Lightly sweet, very smooth, spicy, sweet oaky flavours are balanced by oak tannins and sour rye notes

Finish: Lightly sweet finish shows hints of maple sugar, cinnamon/rye spice and malt.

Alc: 42% 

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