Tobermory Hebridean Gin 700ml


Tobermory Isle of Mull Gin 700ml

Silver medal from the World Gin Awards, 2021
Gold medal from the World Gin Awards, 2020

Tobermory Gin passes through the same distillers as the world-famous Tobermory whisky. Gin is distilled until it is clear, fresh and tasty!

The highest quality herbs, which were harvested by hand, including juniper, Hebrides tea, heather, base flower and orange peel, are infused for at least 24 hours. 


Colour: Crystal, transparent.
Aroma: Fresh, juniper, citrus, coriander, malt, vanilla, lemon peel.
Taste: Juniper, orange, lemon, coriander, herbs, spices, cream, malt.
Finish: Long, fresh, citrus, pepper, vanilla, flowers.

Alc: 43.3%

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