Tomintoul Peaty Tang Malt Miniature 50ml


Tomintoul Peaty Tang Malt Miniature 50ml

Pure ingredients and the natural environment add to the smooth and mellow character of our award-winning Tomintoul Speyside Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky.
Tomintoul "With A Peaty Tang" has been made with peated malt barley, to give it a deep smoky flavour.

 "Peaty Tang" is very unusual as most distilleries in the Speyside region do not use peat.

Nose: smoke balanced with subtle floral tones.
Palate: Soft 'peat-reek' flavours, similar to Islay whisky but with a hint of malty nuttiness and the fruity sweetness of Speyside whisky.

Finish: Lingering smoke and peat with a touch of sweetness.

Alc: 40%

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