Toyozawa Junmai Ginjo Houshuku 720ml 豊祝 純米吟醸 無濾過原酒


Toyozawa Junmai Ginjo Houshuku  720ml 豊祝 純米吟醸 無濾過原酒

Unfiltered sake Yamada Nishiki 100% used Rice polishing rate 55% 

Limited to 300 bottles

Founded in 1868, a long-established storehouse in Nara Prefecture.

Since its founding, it has been brewing sake with almost no mechanization and devoted to hand-making, and based on Mr. Mori's experience and intuition, we are always making the best sake.

Low temperature small preparation, no filtration, no water addition.

After squeezing, the bottles were carefully aged in the ice-cold warehouse of the warehouse.

The balance between the gorgeous aroma, the sweetness of straight rice and the moderate acidity is exquisite, and the taste and richness spread deeply in the mouth.


Alc: 16%

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