Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin 700ml

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Ukiyo Japanese Blossom Gin 700ml

In Japan, there’s a fleeting period during spring when the sakura (cherry) blossoms are in full bloom. In a tradition known as ‘Hanami’ the people head out to celebrate the cascading of these blooms and the change of season.

This Blossom Gin is born from a base of locally grown barley that is distilled into a traditional shōchū spirit. Ukiyo re-distill their shōchū with juniper, regional citrus, cherry blossom and native botanicals, always exercising restraint in the pursuit of clarity and perfection. The fruits of this endeavour are born out in the delicate blossom aromas that emulate those found in the mountains and coastline surrounding Ukiyo's home in Kagoshima.

Tasting Notes
Principal Notes: Juniper, Cherry Blossom, Orange.

Background Notes: Parma Violet, Coriander, Woody Spice.

Alc: 40%

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